Universal Web Browser Alpha


Below you will find compiled app builds for the Universal Web Browser. Make sure to download the one that is for your operating system. The below executables were made to allow average users to follow the build process that typically developers only get to experience. This is in Alpha stages and expect consistent updates. All that is needed to launch the app is to run the single executable or in some cases first run the installer provided. No terminal or command line required.


When an update is released simply remove the previous install and re-download the latest version posted here.

Browser Disclaimer

This is not a final product or the product. This is simply a browser used to demonstrate connectivity to a UW server and showing the enhanced developer experience that comes with Universal Web Apps.

Bug reporting

Feel free to join the social platform and report any and all bugs here.

To upload images of bugs please use either of the following free image hosting sites:


This is compiled for the latest version of Mac OSX. Make sure to update to the latest OS to run it. If you are a fellow OSX user you are in luck because Mac OSX is our main development OS. We will always upload changes for OSX sooner than other platforms.


This is compiled for Windows 10. Make sure to update to the latest OS to run it. This is a standalone folder no need to run an install. Launch the UniversalWebBrowser.exe inside to run.

We will also be uploading installs in the future.

Ubuntu (Debian)

This is compiled for the latest version of Ubuntu and may work on other debian distribution. Make sure to update to the latest OS to run it. As usual Linux users always expect turbulence for beta apps.

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