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Where do you report bugs?

Finding bugs is crucial to improve and address development.

You can report any and all bugs on the forum under Support > Bugs.


Why do developers tools open?

The tools pop up when you use the browser to help users keep up with the development process. The console provides information to report bugs.

As of release v1.2 the developers are no longer initialized automatically.


Can you access websites from the current web?

Yes, you need to add http:// or https:// to designate the browser to browse the world wide web using the current communication protocols.


How would you access this new internet? Do I need a new browser, new router, new internet service provider?

At first you would just need the Universal Web browser, the new web can also be supported in existing browsers. We are not making a new “internet” in the technical sense, rather an alternative web. This aspect of the project typically confuses most, the internet is actually just the infrastructure and there is no need for new hardware or specific internet service provider.


What is UDSP?

The Universal Data Stream Protocol (UDSP) is a UDP based low-latency, real-time, bi-directional, encrypted, and reliable Data Transport Protocol.

UDSP allows the client to establish a 0-RTT encrypted connection with web servers and return all information within a single packet. A single packet includes an identity certificate which can establish an encrypted handshake while being a single sign-on/registration.


How does the Universal Identity System integrate with the Universal Web?

The Universal Identity System contains important components for registration and identification on the Universal Web.

Imagine your own cryptographic passport for single sign on and access to funds.


How does the browser find Universal Web domains?

The Universal Web uses the Domain Information System to look-up domain certificates and open a 0-RTT connection to the web server. The DIS replaces the Domain Name System (DNS) which translates IP addresses for browsing websites/services on the web today.


If I registered a new domain name how would I get it to appear on the new internet?

You need to register with the Universal Web Inc. in order to obtain a domain which can be reserved with SNTVT. Depending on the domain you are requesting we will complete a vetting process to verify there are no trademark issues and proper documentation is provided. Once registered, the domain certificate will be registered on the Domain Information System and traffic can be routed to the configuration.

We are only accepting new live registrations by partners at this time.


How can I tell when I'm using UDSP?

All communication on the Universal Web is pipped through UDSP. By default the browser will use UW:// which indicates you are currently browsing the Universal Web.


How does the browser integrate VIAT?

The browser allows the user to browse the Universal Web and utilize VIAT as it is directly tied to the Universal Web.

VIAT's centralized portions can process instant transactions, provide wallet security, and alleviate network congestion when the decentralized network is under heavy load.


What is the difference between a HTTP and UDSP connection?

In order to establish communication over HTTP you must complete a multi-step process which creates a bottleneck between receiver and sender of data. During a UDSP connection you open a 0-RTT connection between receiver and sender which allows you to move more data in a single packet.


What language would new websites be written in?

The same languages as existing websites, we have provided several libraries and enhancements to make app development easy by default.

Keep in mind that UWApps function a bit different, they have far more advanced front-ends. Hence the library which makes things very easy for app development. The “beautiful by design” goal is backed up by a large front-end library we then turned into ractive components so that they can be easily used via traditional HTML tags.

Alpha Sentivate Network includes:

 Basic Universal Web Server

Simulation of a client to server UDSP connection in the Universal Web Browser.

Identity Certificate generation examples.

Root is used to generate root certificates only.

UDSP in this branch does not include reliability and is for local network testing only.

Alpha code base release is focused on the client/server modules.


Sentivate Network

The Sentivate Network allows the Universal Web to operate on it's infrastructure with the core systems, VIAT, and browser.




TLS 1.2







TLS 1.3












Social Platform

A place for the entire community to meet in a single dashboard.

Capable of hosting, planning, and scheduling community events down to a google map pin.


Download Center

Hub for communication, information, and code.

Dedicated wiki pages for network, browser, and components.

Built adaptive, innovative, and compatible with the Universal Web.

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