Twitter’s News Suppression is an Opportunity for Sentivate et al.

    • TwiztdPickle

        Let’s spread the awareness of Sentivate’s platform… and let’s get the independent news sources a voice now that Twitter is banning, shadowbanning and suppressing the accounts that are speaking on current events.

        Zerohedge, I would think, should be very excited. As well as the other’s along the same virtues such as Axios, The Verge, and the Guardian.

        I’m very excited for Sentivate’s future. I’m also equally as excited to discuss a slew of topics on here; Finance, Fitness, Health, Music, Crypto, etc. Spreading and interacting with strong, intelligent conversation will help provide content as well as activity and traction for the Sentivate team to learn and adapt as more and more happens on their service.

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      • Stacking

          I like this ^^

        • Dennis Zuraw

            We’ve been developing this technology with this exact problem (amongst others, of course) in mind. I hope our users recognize the importance of this right of ours, as we are one of the few nations in the world lucky enough to have this written in our charter. It is important to recognize the use of this tactic across all platforms. I am aware that one of our advisors is constantly shadowbanned on a video-sharing platform, and he isn’t the only one either.

            I am a supporter of ZeroHedge, and have been raising awareness for their plight with twitter over the last few months for this very reason. We will always take a stand against this type of suppression, and gaining the support of such entities could be in our future.

          • Voxxe

              ZeroHedge, unfortunately, still censors. When google demonetised the site, the ‘Tylers’ promptly started enforcing their speech code. Censorship online is a plague more real than COVID19, and one that needs to be transcended : >

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            • Punk

                Zerohedge is one of the most anything goes sites I’ve seen. That’s why I like it. You can’t have thin skin in the chat on that site.

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